Platinum Full Details starts at


Gold interior starts at


Gold Wash/Wax exterior


Liquid Wraps start at


Paint Correction starts at


Clay Bar Treatment starts at


Carbon Ceramic Window Tint


Vinyl Removal


Vinyl Decals

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Odor Removal


Maintenance Washes 2 washes a month


Ceramic coatings


polymer sealant package


Engine Bay


Headlight Restoration


Undercarriage Cleaning


Wheel Removed & Coated/Polished

100$ a wheel

All Windows Glass Coatings


Water Spot Removal


Interior detail:

Throughly interior vacuum

  • Upholstery steam cleaning, carpet and mats plus surfaces/panels, air vents, gas pedals, etc
  • Pre-Treat carpet stains & mats and shampooing extractions (as needed)
  • All door jams and frames deep cleaned
  • Glass cleaned Inside/out
  • pet hair removal $25 vary on condition
  • Headliner $30 Varys on condition

Starts with Pre-Rinse

  1. Foam Cannon
  2. 100% Hand Wash

Wheels/tires deep cleaned & decontaminated

  1. (Paint decontamination)
  2. Exterior Glass
  3. Door jams deep cleaned
  4. Clay bar treatment
  5. Panel prep
  6. 6 month paint sealant

paint protection package

  1. Gold Interior and exterior package detail.
  2. Pre-Rinse
  3. Snow Foam
  4. 100% Hand Wash
  5. Bug Removal
  6. Deep Clean Wheels, Tires and Fenders
  7. Panel Prep
  8. Clay Bar Treatment
  9. Carnauba Wet-Wax 1-3 months of protection
  10. Reconditioned Tires & Trim
  11. Thoroughly interior vacuum
  12. Wipe down interior surfaces/panels
  13. Air Compressor underneath seats and crevices
  14. UV-Protectant on all the interior surfaces, leather, plastics
  15. Glass cleaned inside/out
  16. Door jams thoroughly cleaned

Complete Detail Package

(Pre-Rinse Exterior, Bug/Tar Removal, Clay Bar Treatment, Iron Decontamination Paint and Wheels, All wheels/tires and trim cleaned, Snow Foam, Hand Wash Vehicle and Panel Prep Paint, after polishing or Paint Correction)

Final step is paint protection

A coupe options are 6 month paint sealant, 4 year coating or 7+ year option.

  • 1 step paint polish: 55% and up enchanting the paint finish providing a glossier finish
  • 2 step Paint Correction: Heavy Cut Compound for deeper scratches and swirls, followed up with a polishing 85%-90 of defects removed
  • Multi step correction: Wet-sanding in areas for deeper scratches, Heavy Cut compound and followed up with a polish removing 97-99% of defects

Headlight restoration, prep, wet sand with different types of grits removing excess oxidation, compound/polishing, panel prep and coat up to 2 years.